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We are excited to announce a partnership with The Old School Initiative! We will be donating 40% profit from each sale to help support the grassroots community of Whistler and Pemberton.

The OSI top sheet graphic can be applied to any of our performance skis in the fleet. Once purchase is confirmed, we will be in touch in regards to what size and shape you are looking for.

For any questions, please contact us on live chat or

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What is the Old School Initiative?

The old school initiative has been established to assist with funding for certain local programs in Whistler and Pemberton. What’s more, our objective is to support programs or individuals, with a specific focus on snow and concrete (Skiing, Snowboarding and Skateboarding).

The Old School Initiative is still in what we would call the start-up phase and who knows where it will end up, and what the long-term focus will become.

*During COVID we provided financial support by way of donating to charities outside of the aforementioned focus.*

Who is behind the Old School Initative

We are a collective of old schoolers (like some of us kind of knew Myrtle Philip) who grew up in Whistler and Pemberton or have deep ties to the area. Surprisingly, it was not that long ago when there were not enough kids for sports teams. So in the winter we skied (snowboarding wasn’t really a thing yet) and in the summer we skateboarded.

As far as skiing, most of us raced as that was the only organized program in the valley. During free time we tried to copy what was happening in Warren Miller films, and we still ski our asses off to this day. Influencers of the time were Mark Ghirardelli, Alberto Tomba, Glen Plake and Scott Schmidt. This gives you an idea of our vintage.

As far as skateboarding, this was of course prior to there being an established skateboard park in Whisler. So, we skateboarded in the village, ollieing off the stairs by the liquor store and getting chased by the bylaw officers, notwithstanding skateboarding was not officially banned from the village yet. We had a few locations with ramps in the valley and when it rained, we set up features in the lowest level of the underground parking underneath the conference centre. Often our parents drove us down to Sealyn Bowl in North Vancouver until there was a new bowl in Whistler. The Bones Brigade were our gods, and we know who Animal Chin is…”Have you seen him?”

There are a number of old schoolers from the area who have had a moderate level of success in life and business. The valley shaped who we are and we want to give something back to the valley.

That’s about all there is to it.