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Coho - Powsurfer
Coho - Powsurfer
Coho - Powsurfer
Coho - Powsurfer

Foon Skis

Coho - Powsurfer



Dimentions: 144cm (330 - 260 - 235)


Ultralight backcountry weapon. Small, fast & nimble. Excels in trees and tighter terrain.

At our opening price of $499 there is no profit. All the revenue will go back into development and allow us to continue making boards. Once we achieve global domination and every human household has at least one cedar surfer you’ll be able to say “ I got one of the first “


Created from Coast Mountain red & yellow cedar. Red cedar is very light & soft. Easier to manipulate & shape. Yellow is strong & durable for rails and central stringers. Then the whole board is wrapped in 4oz. Fibreglass. 100% local. Handcrafted in Pemberton B.C.


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