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Foon Skis




Lengths: 160 | 168 | 176 | 184 cm

Dimensions: 128 - 93 - 113 | 184 cm

Radius: 22 m | 184 cm

Weight: 3.7 kg | 184 cm


The Instrument - just like the fine musical instrument, it is a tool for your feet. This is Foon's skinny ski that is lively and smooth enough to ride all day long.. Though all our skis are built for powder, this ski is designed for inbound shredding – we call it our hill ski.

It is designed with a rocker + camber profile, but we build rocker at three levels 1, 2 & 3. The Instrument is at a rocker level of 1 – so it definitely has some early rise. It allows you to really release the tip and tail of the ski without anything bucking you around and it’s still super easy to engage the entire length of the ski. All you have to do is roll your ankle a little bit and that rocker disappears. Roll it back on when you’re in Pow and it creates flotation which allows the ski to pivot as well as carve for all day shredding on the hill. For a little bit of pow, a little bit of hard pack, and lots of chunder in between– this is the stick!


Fully handcrafted in Pemberton, BC.

B.C Coast Mountain Core | Yellow Cedar & Big Leaf Maple

Camber + Rocker Profile

Durasurf 4001 Graphite Black Base

Urethane Bonded Sidewalls

Foon Factory Hand Tune