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A large degree of Foon's success depends on whether we can reduce our impact on the environment. This means continually evaluating the materials and processes we use to build our skis, taking responsibility for the entire life cycle and examining how we use resources and materials in manufacturing to continually lessen our environmental footprint.

We are always looking for ways to use less energy through the manufacturing process of building skis and recognize the need to eliminate the environmental cost of global transportation. We avoid ordering materials that are not considered close in proximity because its cheaper or more convenient.  

"I’m not talking about eradicating the global economy, just tempering it, finding balance. Cut the global transportation of goods and raw materials in half. That would be a real change."

- Johnny 'Foon'


The vision of our world is one where human beings are compelled to focus their interests and investments in the local businesses that build its collective community of individuals. Not just skis, surfboards, bikes and snowboards, but all manner of things like coffee, food and clothing.

We pride ourselves in focusing our manufacturing efforts on supporting local businesses such as the wood mills, fiberglass suppliers and print studios to help build the final product of Foon skis. We believe that if more effort is made to support a local economy of close proximity, we will create the real change we know we need.

"We want to build the best skis, implement new designs, shapes and materials to the ski community in an effort to improve the quality of skiing experience and reduce our impact on the planet   "

- Kye Petersen


Foon is partnered with a Certified B Corp - meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability using business as a forces of good.

None of us are perfect when it comes to living sustainably but we feel it is important to make conscious and mindful decisions about how we use our planet's limited resources.

The materials that are used in crafting each pair of Foon skis come from as close to home as we can get it. The wood from every set of Foon skis is locally harvested and sourced through sustainable logging practices.