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Custom Concept

The idea of the custom concept is to offer the opportunity to fine tune the construction of existing production model "pro skis" to better suit a specific need or requirement for a personal skiing style or construction preference.

We offer the ability to adjust elements of the core profile through the flex profile and total length of the core. We allow for alteration of the construction materials including fiberglass and lightweight full carbon substitutes. We will allow for custom graphic design upgrades that meet design requirements and are ultimately approved by Foon.

The Process

The production models designed by Foon have been developed over a number of years of testing and refinement. However, we know that skiing style is individual, unique and subjective to personal feeling.

We ask that all custom concept orders outline the idea and thought process behind the specific requirements and need for alteration. This description will help Foon better understand and translate your custom concept into the perfect ski made specifically for you.  

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Thank you - Foon