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SHREDDIE 175 - X Demo

Foon Skis

SHREDDIE 175 - X Demo



DIMENSIONS : 124 - 126 - 107 - 116 - 114 MM


MOUNT : 79.5 cm from tail w. 3.6 x 9 bit.


The Shreddie is our combination of new school and old school. We have combined everything we’ve learned from the past and implemented everything that is new in the sport of skiing.

The Shreddie has a tapered tip and tail with more of a new school shape with flat underfoot, no camber, gives it a nice even, balanced flex that is really fun and playful;more about slashing than carving. It will carve, but it is very straight with a long arc. Johnny took what he learned from watching riders like Matty Richard and Kye Petersen shredding in the Pow and what he knew about making skis and tried to incorporate that into a ride that will work for anybody on any given day.


Fully handcrafted in Pemberton, BC.

B.C Coast Mountain Core | Yellow Cedar & Big Leaf Maple

12K Carbon Fiber Construction

Camber + Rocker Profile

Durasurf 4001 Graphite Black Base

Urethane Bonded Sidewalls

Foon Factory Hand Tune

Marker Griffon Demo Bindings