After starting the year off with a couple of wonderful descents on the Coast, Foonskis hit the road for some grass roots marketing in Revelstoke.

British Columbia was putting on a show of winter lighting and colour. The entire central desert lay under a blanket of snow, Beautiful. With a full tank of gas and Lithium pumpin out the XM stereo, no need for any fuel stops till Revy. I was scheduled to show ” Soul of the Mountains” at Big Eddy’s as part of Big’s season launch party . After the second DVD was gobbled up by the equipment halfway through the show, we agreed to just drink beer. Bummer not to be able to present Foonskis message from the Coast. But the other presentations (1st descent Mt. Clemenceau with Kevin Hejertas & Eric Hjorlefson, 1st descent of Mt. Sir Sanford’s south face with Doug Sproul, and  Chris Brazeau’s 1st. descent of Mt. Bryce) were great and made it apparent that the energy behind that message is alive and well in B.C.’s interior. Foonskis were there, people got to feel them, flex them,talk about them and I got to shred with the local crowd for 3 days.

Andrew Sheppard trying out the latest Foonskis prototype.

I also brought some of Foonskis’s latest ideas on how to make an awesome ski even better. Sorry, with the ski industry being what it is I’m not going to divulge what that is, but the latest versions of the Tyfoon are very light AND very damp. One of the properties we are looking at is rebound dampening, and we are having a lot of success. Think of how poorly your Mt. bike rides with “bad” rebound dampening. Same thing for skis! Everyone who rode on the new skis liked them. After using them myself on a Full Charge, on piste day at Mt. Mckenzie, even my old knees didn’t ache. It was still snowing hard on the day I was scheduled to return home, so I booked in at the Swiss Chalet Motel (I think every town in B.C. has a Swiss Chalet Motel) and skied another day.

And it got DEEP!

  Huge thanks to Drew, Mike, Andrew and Tim Grey at Biglines for hooking me up. Local knowledge is priceless for finding the shred on a pinner time frame.

Mike Nixon and Andrew Sheppard

The reason I had the time and freedom to go to Revy, do some grass roots marketing, shred Foonskis around, or even have the necessary time to develop new technologies for Foonskis is because I have given up my position as a Snowcat Operator at Whistler/Blackcomb. This was a pretty cush position that I held for 25 years, but it was time to devote all my time to Foonskis, and make the building, promoting, and development of the best skis in the world, my full time job.

There is a revolution going on in North America and British Columbia should be leading the way. Towns like Revelstoke are leading edge. In every ski town people are crafting shred tools with care and passion. It’s an exciting time in the industry. Not since the 60’s and the days of Howard Head (Heady days indeed) has the door been this open for visionary and innovative change in our game. These small independent manufacturers are free of corporate restraints and budgetary decisions. Free to develop ideas and products purely from desire. Small manufacturers are also free to make a “greener” more conscious product. All Foonskis wood cores come from trees that lived within a 200km radius of our factory. We recently changed our edge supplier from Europe to North America, and we make a commitment to our customers (and the planet) to constantly strive to reduce the sphere of our manufacturing needs. This will increase the monetary cost of producing of our skis, but decrease the planetary price.

The Surf world recognized it decades ago. That hand made boards blow away factory schtiks. That craftsmanship and passion can make a difference, and add a tangible feeling to your riding tool.

The time has come for riders to take shredding back from the factories of China. Back to where it belongs. The Mountains of North America. Vive la Revolution.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     FEEL THE DIFFERENCE