It’s been two years since we last got into Valley X. A less than ideal snow pack in the Duffy Lake Highway area kept us out of here last year. This years deep and stable pack up here allowed Jon Johnston and J. Foon an opportunity to get back into this legendary break. Following the old line in only took  2 1/2 hrs., leaving  enough time to shred two laps on the X-Factor.

Having found this classic big mountain zone a few years back, to now return with a couple pairs of Foon skis and shred these lines was a pretty inspiring experience for Foonskis.

Valley X optimizes the idea of using  a snowmobile to assist in accessing big ski mountaineering objectives in a deep backcountry environment.  Numerous big wall descents are possible here with varying amounts of sled assist and mountain climbing.

There are no maps for Valley X and many doubt the  existence of this place at all. It’s possible that it exists in dementia alone.