Setting up shop right next to Dave Basterachea and Cheetah Factory Racing has been awesome. We’re always jumping back and forth between our shops with new ideas and stoke for the shred. Monday afternoon it’s “jeez I just wish I could get out”.
“Dude tomorrows Tuesday,that’s my shred day, lets just go”.
“Too much I have to do.”
“I know me too. What about half a day? The Duffy’s right there! (the turn off for the Duffy Lake Highway is literally around the corner from the Pemby Industrial park)

We worked out imagined time frames and yes, we can do this. The stoke built and grew. Until I got home. Lisa Foon had been shredding on the Duffy and says “lots of wind up there, and tomorrow’s going to be ugly and grey, no vis. You should go Wed.

” No way man, your nuts. I need to get out, it’ll be great.” After sleeping on the planted seed I had to agree, so did Dave and we traded our tuesday for Wednesday.

Yup, been snowin on the Duffy

We pulled out of the industrial park at 11:38, 8 minutes behind schedule, and were skinning up through the forest in under an hour. Near bluebird and freshly laden trees. Good call on the day, thanks Lis! About halfway up the heat of the sun started to drop tree bombs. A voice in my head perks up. “Pretty warm out, that snow’s gettin heavier”. I march on, in a hurry to get to the top within our time frame.  20 minutes later I shed a layer, the bombs are still dropping and the voice is still there. Shit, I have to listen. I know it’s the mountains, and my friends that have been lost in the mountains, speaking to me. The ridge we’re touring up is safe, short of getting clocked in the noggin by one of the tree bombs. But if it’s this warm on the upper slopes we are going to have to give up this run and ski back down the way we came up. Shit!

Skinning up the South ridge of Mt. Roar

As we made our way up the sunny south ridge of Mt. Roar the temperatures started dropping

Cheetah Factory Racing, Foonskis, Mt. Currie Coffee Co.

By the time we reached the top it was cool, crisp and game on!

The top of Mt. Roars South Chutes.
3 hrs. away from the Pemberton Industrial Park

We were back in the Industrial Park with enough time to get in an or so of work before closing up for the night. Wow, an awesome example of what an incredible place we live in. But also an example to listen and make smart decisions. An early season reminder to never be in so much of a hurry, or so overwhelmed by the stoke, that we don’t listen. Everyday in the mountains presents opportunities to make mistakes, make sure your head is clear enough to let the mountains show you what they are.

Shred long and prosper!

Dave B dropping