The Tyfoon


Photo: Blake Jorgensen



If you can have only one ski, this is the one. From crud to corn, pow to pooh, hardpack to champagne, the Yellow Cedar Tyfoon is right at home. Foonskis came into being because there was no ski available that could excel at all the conditions the  mountains can throw at you.


As Foonskis flagship ride every aspect of  of the Tyfoons’ shape and construction has been painstakingly designed for over a decade.  The sidecut has been optimized for ease of turn without sacrificing stability. The base profile incorporates a long, early rise, active rocker, starting low in the shovel when the ski is loaded.


A similar but more subtle tail rocker allows the ski to smear and smarve but retains stability for support from the backseat. Short but pronounced camber under foot makes the ride feel vibrant and alive. The core profile is shaped so that the power and balance point is at the ball of the foot, to maximize feel and control.


Photo: Blake Jorgensen


The Tyfoon is constructed with 2 layers of triaxial fiberglass and 2 layers of    Yellow cedar with a Durasurf 4001 graphite black base (the toughest & fastest money can buy). Yellow Cedar has enormous vibration absorption qualities making for a very damp and stable ride, yet still very light at 4.1 kg’s for a pair of 186’s.

Combined with a custom flex to match your weight, riding style and terrain, the Tyfoon is truly the one ski for everybody on every day, everywhere.



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