The Squall

Powder skis for little rippers Handmade with full “adult” shape.
Rocker, tip & tail, with camber under foot.

One of the main reasons Foonskis came into being was that we believed skiing could be made easier. That’s the whole point. Whether your an expert Big Mountain shredder that has been ripping impressive lines for decades, or someone who wants to progress from the green slopes to more difficult and inspiring terrain, or a youngster that’s just figuring the game out. If it’s easier to ski, you will ski better and have more fun.

Dawson Cote’ enjoying his first “earned summit” at 7.
Way to go little buddy.

The earlier that can happen the better. In general kids skis in todays market are a shock. They are an afterthought for most companies. Produced quick, cheap, and easy.

Foonskis believes the little rippers are the future of our sport. If skiing is easier and they are having more fun they will want to ski more often and will progress more quickly.

We have seen it time and time again. Little rippers getting into deep pow or crud after a snowfall, and just not being able to operate. It takes so much skill to rip deep snow on straight skinny skis. Give these same kids a ski that’s fat and rockered and all of a sudden the howls turn to laughter as they float up, get control, and WANT to ski.

The Squall starts with an early rise shovel, leading to a slightly rockered tip. A subtle rocker in the tail smooths out the end of the turn, and camber under foot with sidecut means they can still rip on the groomers and hardpack. There is a common misconception that rocker is strictly a powder innovation but when combined with camber it actually makes it easier for less advanced skiers to turn on hardpack. Turning becomes very smooth and a turn can be changed from a carve to a smear or a smarve with no violent transitions.

As the name suggests The Squall is a mini version of the Tyfoon.

Check them out your little ripper will never look back.


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