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Blending Old School knowledge and experience with New School techniques Foon Skis is built on the philosophy of One School and that skiing can be made easier for everyone. Whether you’re an expert Big Mountain shredder that has been ripping impressive lines for decades, someone who wants to progress from the blue slopes to more difficult and inspiring terrain, or a youngster that’s just figuring the game out. If it’s easier to ski, you will ski better and have more fun. Check out the Foon Skis line and find out what makes our handcrafted and custom skis so special.

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The Moma Lisa

Works of A.R.T

All Foon Skis are made with Active Rocker Technology (A.R.T.). The rocker works in harmony with the ski’s camber creating a variable rocker. This makes the ski long and stable when you need it and short and nimble when it gets tight and butter smooth through the transitions.

Only the best materials go into every pair of Foon Skis


The Range of the Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar

The wood core of every Foon Ski  is made from a solid piece of locally harvested yellow cedar, some of the best wood for making skis, but it only grows on the slopes of the Coast Mountain Range from Northern Washington State to Alaska.  This sub-alpine environment creates a wood that is as strong as traditional hardwoods, but much lighter.

Once milled, the solid board is split in two, creating a pair of identical cores that can be shaped  to optimize the natural characteristics of the wood. This allows us to make a perfectly matched pair of skis, unblemished by cuts or glue, and creates a natural feel that is transmitted to the ski.

Other areas of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship:


  •  The core of the ski is manufactured and shaped in our Pemberton, BC factory. Many don’t realize this, but not all handcrafted ski manufactures do this. We believe, the core is the heart of your skis and must be hand shaped on site.
  • Our unique wood processing  system that transmits a feeling to the ride that is unparalleled.
  • Urethane side walls, made in-house and bonded on a molecular level, rather than a standard surface bond. No one makes sidewalls like this!
  • Built with the best edges and base material available. We use Rockwell 48 hardened steel edges and high grade black graphite UHMW bases.
  • Tuned to perfection. Before they leave the shop each pair gets a Foon Factory finish which includes a base grind and hand tune.

Go Custom for the Ultimate Ride:

All Foon Skis are available in custom carbon models.  Like a surfboard, the most important aspect of a ski is shape and a Custom Flex, fine tunes a well designed shape, to match the way you ride. Flex is the big equalizing factor. In general, bigger, heavier and more aggressive skiers like a stiffer flex, while, smaller and lighter riders prefer a softer flex.

In all our Custom Carbon models, the upper layer of Triaxial Fibreglass on the ski is replaced with carbon fibre, Texallium and a very thin second layer of wood. This allows each pair of skis to lose approximately 200 grams (about 1/2 pound), without sacrificing any of that legendary Foon Skis dampness, while adding to the torsional stiffness of the ski.  More

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