After riding the Squall 111 for the 11/12 season, Foonskis main product tester and sponsored rider Tyfoon Chilton gave the ski a big thumbs up. ” Only really little kids ski that’s Rockered and Fat, the Squall 111 totally rocks! But I’m up to my Grammy’s boobs now, so I need a bigger ski”


Right you are Tye, so we made the Squall in a 125. Dimensions are: 115 – 89 – 105. It is essentially a mini Tyfoon, handcrafted with Yellow Cedar. Camber underfoot, leading to a long, smooth, active rocker, tip and tail. It took a few turns but once he found how to turn them on there was no turning em off. Mom and Dad agreed, he had never skied so well. A new level.

Foonskis, a very Green company!

Family Foon; 186 Foonlight – Squall 125 – 177 Tyfoon


The quality of a hand built ride can be appreciated by everyone. Very few companies in the world are producing quality rides for the next generation of rippers. The few that do exist with any rocker are quite slim and flat. Nobody is making a quality shape with camber, active rocker and enough girth for real pow floatation. I think everyone that has riden on a new progressive shape would agree that the new technologies make skiing easier and more fun.At Foonskis we believe the earlier that can start the better.

While kids skis don’t use as much raw material as an adult ski, the time, effort and care to produce them is pretty much the same as an adult ski. While we can’t compete price wise with mass produced kids skis we can promise a ski that was not produced to make money. We make the Squall so that skiing will be easier and more fun for little rippers. Squalls will sell for $500 and will soon be available in a 139 and a 153.

Foonskis; dedicated to the progression of skiing
Squall 125’s  139 and 153 to follow