Trevors death was devastating to the Whistler shred community. We were crushed, and we didn’t know how to deal with it. Until now death had been this evil thing that lurked around in the mountains, making you stay aware and not make mistakes. It was that vixen you danced with and courted but would never go all the way with. We weren’t ignorant of the risks, we new that death could be the price of what we did. Death is the price for living. But we were innocent, now it was real. Many of us got really drunk and stayed that way for the better part of a month. When we sobered up we needed to go to the mountains. We knew we would find Trev there.

On January 15, 1997 Dave Gauley and I ventured into the range. The ghostly grey look of barely covered rocks told us the East Face of Tantalus would have to wait for another day. But the Southeast Face of Pellion, another long sought after line that was rarely in shape, looked to be in.

Southeast Face of Mt. Pellion

The exit was very sketchy and thin. Dave committed to the line and straight-lined out the bottom. When the variable crust below the face broke he was flying and he ate shit…hard. Full Tod Brooker rag doll. I would have done the same thing, but Dave “won” the rock, paper, scissors. His knee and his season where done.

Dave Gauley on the first descent of Mt. Pellion, Southeast Face.