Jia, being part of the rescue group in 94, also still had his portion of Stevie’s ashes. So, in the summer of 95, Jia and I convinced Johnny Thrash and Ozzy Howell to join us on our return quest to take Stevie to the top, ( I think the reality of that is actually just the opposite ). I think it was 4 days (1 to Lake Lovely Water, 1 to the Red Tit hut @the Dionne – Serratus col., 1 to climb, and another down). We climbed the Southeast Buttress and were a little challenged to get off the mountain in day light but were successful in our quest.

Jia Condon on the Southeast Buttress of Tantalus

My previous experiences in the range had definitely changed my relationship with these mountains. Perhaps this was something I needed to go through before I finally got to ski here.

January 18, 1996 trevor, eric and I flew into the range with pilot Lawrence Perry. It was a similar day this year, clear, but cold and windy. With the collectives pulling 110% we should have dropped from the sky like a stone, but we hardly felt it as Lawrence landed at the Serratus – Dionne col. saying; “That’s as close as your gettin today, and I can’t take off with you in here so have fun”. We skied down to the rumbling glacier, then climbed up the East Couloir of Dionne in hopes of being able to ski from there to the base of Tantalus’s East face. It was 3:00pm when we got the top of Dionnes’ East Couloir and although the route did go, we were out of time. The East face was perfect, maybe the best it’s ever been. Until now we hadn’t really known for sure if this thing was even skiable. It was. Our Tantalus was right there in front of us. The ultimate face for us at that time, and yet, just out of our reach. We tried to satiate ourselves with the awesome consolation prize of Dionne’s east Couloir but we knew we had to come back. We vowed to return as soon as we could.

Five weeks later Trevor would die in an avalanche while skiing in Chamonix.

Trevor Petersen on the first descent of Mt. Dionne's East Couloir.