Guy Johnson:
Skis are Unreal! Just pumped about how great they are in the powder.

Mark Gottfried:
I tried your skis over the weekend and was absolutely blown away. Best skis I’ve ever skied on. It’s truly amazing what a difference good skis can make.

The skis are sweet. I don’t normally like skis “out of the box” but these are really fun to ski on. I was looking at the cross loaded P/4f over F pillows in the alpine thinking that this should be a little harder to ski than it was. When I wanted to ski more “dynamically” i just put more into the ski and it gave back.
I love the concept too. Locally hand made skis with locally sourced wood. And for me working locally in a locally owned operation. I also really like the idea of the energy or spirit of the ski as well. From johnny putting his energy into it and my energy at work all wrapped into the energy/spirit of our mountains. Beautiful. I hope this catches on and takes off.

William Tinmouth:
The skis are exceeding expectations. Took them to Jackson hole last weekend — knee deep powder and they performed wonderfully. A welcome surprise has been how well they perform in the crud on mt Washington here. I appreciate your note, and wish you all the best in this endeavor. From my perspective, they are a great product.

Geoff Gagan:
My Foon skis make me a better skier than I actually am.

LonĀ  Martin:
I give these skis a 10 outta 10!