Foon Skis on Sustainability and the Environment

Global warming is a bane to skiing.  The biggest contributor to that is the global economy.  At Foon Skis we want to give skiers an alternative to buying skis manufactured on the other side of the world.

None of us are perfect when it comes to living sustainability but we feel it’s important to make conscious and mindful decisions about how we use our planet’s limited resources.

The materials that go into crafting each pair of Foon Skis come from as close to home as we can get it.  The wood from every pair of Foon Skis is locally harvested Yellow Cedar sourced from the Sea to Sky area through sustainable logging practices.  We make sure ALL our suppliers manufacture in North America.  ALL excess materials from the edges and bases are recycled.  The wood off cuts from each pair of Foon Skis are even used to heat Johnny’s house through the winter.