Kind Words from Happy Skiers

delaney“Skis are Unreal! Just pumped about how great they are in the powder.”

-Guy Johnson

“I tried your skis over the weekend and was absolutely blown away. Best skis I’ve ever skied on. It’s truly amazing what a difference good skis can make.”

-Mark Gottfried

“The skis are sweet. I don’t normally like skis ‘out of the box’ but these are really fun to ski on. I was looking at the cross loaded P/4f over F pillows in the alpine thinking that this should be a little harder to ski than it was. When I wanted to ski more “dynamically” i just put more into the ski and it gave back.”
”I love the concept too. Locally handmade skis with locally sourced wood. And for me working locally in a locally owned operation. I also really like the idea of the energy or spirit of the ski as well. From Johnny putting his energy into it and my energy at work all wrapped into the energy/spirit of our mountains. Beautiful. I hope this catches on and takes off.”


“The skis are exceeding expectations. Took them to Jackson hole last weekend — knee deep powder and they performed wonderfully.  A welcome surprise has been how well they perform in the crud on Mt Washington here. I appreciate your note, and wish you all the best in this endeavor. From my perspective, they are a great product.”

-William Tinmouth

“My Foon skis make me a better skier than I actually am.

-Geoff Gagan

“I give these skis a 10 outta 10!”

-Lon  Martin

heli redneckJohnny and Lisa! Been lovin my Foons!!! The “Superstars” are uber smooth in the deep trees and really fun when I opened up the turns in big terrain! Wow, well done! Thanks guys!!!! Wooo Hoo!

Get some of these baby’s friends! Smoothest ski I’ve had in 24 years of Heli-guiding! I’m on the “Superstar” 190cm! “The” Cadillac of big mountain skis but handle steep and deep in the trees with that sweet wood core flex! Mountain Co-Op carries them or check em out on line!

-Bobby Rankin – Lead Guide at Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing



-SJ Hornes

The Rednecks make me want to ski hard and fast. They make me look at terrain differently, like anything is possible. The best thing about them is that they make me feel like I am 20 again! When Im skiing pow I don’t want anything else on my feet

-Lisa Korthals – Lead Guide at Coast Range Heli Skiing

Mr. Foon has created a ski with magic. I usually avoid airing, but found myself gently encouraged off small features, if I wanted to, just for fun. If I wanted more, the ski will pop and land with confidence and support.

I found myself initiating turns with subconscious effort and the ski didn’t punish me for being lazy.

If I wanted to get down low and put the pressure on the ski stood at attention, took order, refused to noodle and propelled me down the hill giving back what I put in.

I found some blower powder, ok plenty of it, the last weekend of February and the magic of 112mm and the tip profile kept me afloat the perfect amount, just enough to get some face and body shots which I’ve missed so much.

This ski instills confidence; I feel like a teenager that just lost all his zits before the big dance.

There’s nothing that I’ve ridden that compares to these. I’m a lay person and can’t pin it down to one specific aspect of the ski, all I know is that the energy, feel, pop, spirit, balance, the love in the crafting of it – all that hippy stuff with all that technical material stuff – whatever it is; is perfect, and the end result is a snow eating grin on my face.

These skis are now available through MEC which, for such a relatively large company, has been able to maintain an incredible level of personal service and depth of knowledge. I would recommend to anyone looking to simplify their collection of skis to seriously consider this locally sourced material and crafted, beautifully balanced ski.

-Dalton Chow

Had a great Monday at Whistler with big smiles all around. I love the cedar planks in pow as well. I have cleared my locker of other boards.

-Chris Wu

Looking good Johnny. I’m loving my second year riding the Typhoon! Its hard to ski on anything else now; they just don’t compare.

-Paul Houshka

Photo: Eric Berger

I am loving my Custom Tyfoons and Redneck Superstars. They stand out in a crowd and are continually admired. Not to mention they perform incredibly. So stoked and proud to be riding these boards 

-Jia Condon




Thought I’d give you an update. I’m ecstatic! Love the skis! Had almost a week on them so far and they perform exceptionally.Made a little video for you. Not really a professional movie maker, just a guy with a GoPro on my head.

Stuart Metcalf


Nice Face Shot!!


Took the Foons off the back of Blackcomb today and they absolutely ripped! The Cham Chute was icey-as but the skis had such a strong edge underfoot they never once lost grip – really solid feel to them. Finished up on Body-bag – visibility cleared up and had a nice charge down over windblown crud / slab / ice / lumps / etc and they were stable as anything – carved through it all at speed. You’ve made a fine pair of skis here –they really come into their own when you amp it up – nice job!

Andrew Mahaffy