Are those your legs or are you riddin a chicken?
“No, we’re riddin Foonskis”!

Get your little ripper on a pair of Foonskis Squall’s hot off the press.

Order by April 5th, while we still have the Squall mold in the Press and receive 20% off.




New Squalls sporting the new Neon graphic

Squall 125’s in Pink

























Squalls are available in 125, 140, and 155. They are a full shape (Camber underfoot, rocker tip & tail) handcrafted yellow cedar ski that will make skiing easier for little people.

Tye Foon charging D.O.A. on Blackcomb Peak.

Foonie on D.O.A.’s lower apron

Tye rippin it up on the Couloir Extreme, Blackcomb


The full shape and Yellow Cedar core make skiing easier even in the harshest conditions. Your 7 tear old may not be ready to shred D.O.A. or the Couloir Extreme but they will enjoy skiing even more on a pair of Handmade Foonskis.