Eric Pehota has been waiting patiently for another perfect New Years Day. After Taking his son Logan and Kye Petersen down the North Face of Mt. Currie 5 years ago at the age of 12 and 13 respectively, I’m sure he has been watching the face (which he can view out his living room window) and the conditions closely, hoping for that magic recipe of snow stability and weather to give his youngest son Dalton his initiation into the world of Big Wall Riding. The magic recipe would materialize Jan. 1, 2013. Thanks to Erics wife Parveen figuring out the logistics I was able to join the crew, with Parveen and my son Tye coming along for the Helicopter ride.

Future of the Coast Range?
Tye Chilton, Logan, and Dalton pehota

Making our way down Curries East ridge to the North faces Central Couloir

Eric eyeing up the sporty entrance onto the Couloir

It was awesome to finally have my “handmade in Mt. Currie” skis on Mt. Currie.

Handshaped in Mt. Currie B.C.

Logan Pehota shredding the North face of Mt. Currie

Sixteen year old Dalton really brought the day home for me when he asked, “How old is your son Tye”? Seven I said, “do you want to ski this with him one day”? Yes I replied I hope I can do that. “In like ten years or so”? Yes I said that would be perfect.

Logan & Dalto Pehota
Two of the nicest young men you could meet

Dalton shredding the “pillow field”

Eric, Logan and Dalton Pehota on the lower North face of Mt. Currie

Logan Pehota

It was an honour for me to Join this special, unique, Pemberton New Years celebration. Thanks to all the Pehota’s for including me and reminding me that days like this are what it’s all about.

The pehota Boys
Eric, Dalton, Logan