Although we did extensive testing on several prototypes last year, we haven’t had the opportunity to really get out and ride on Foon Skis full production powder surfer – The Redneck Superstar – until the last few weeks. With speed to burn the redneck riders have been lovin it through the Feb. – March powder season.

Delaney Zayak Slayin it like a Superstar.

“The Rednecks absolutely slay the terrain in deep snow, so fast and stable” Delaney Zayak.

“Get some of these babies friends! Smoothest ski I’ve had in 24 years of heli – guiding! I’m on the Superstar 190. The cadillac of big mountain skis, but handles steep and deep in the trees with that sweet wood core flex.” Bobby Rankin, uber powder guide veteran in Blue River BC.

Steep Creek Headwall. Big steep terrain features are finally shaping up!

“They make me look at terrain differently, like anything is possible. The best thing about them is that they make me feel like I am 20 again! When Im skiing pow I don’t want anything else on my feet.” Lisa Korthals, Lead Guide and operations manager @ Coast Range Heli-Skiing.

Moma Lisa on the Ogre

“Amazed how light they are. Make you feel invincible.” Lon Martin, General Redneck Superstar.

2 Stroke T-Bar

Sunset Patrol

Sunset Patrol

The season of the Rednecks has just begun, MEC has the Superstars’ on sale right now for $839, go get em! Or contact us at and we’ll match that price and include a custom flex for your ride. Shred On Jedi!