Lisa Korthals, Wendy Brookbank, Jia Condon, Johnny Foon, Andrew Howell (his b day celebration too, 44th I think) and Bruce Rowels celebrated Rowlesy’s 50th with a heli drop on the shoulder of Mt. Taylor. The first descent line took us down to the basin that should be the route up for “Pianostrings”, a variation of the Heartstrings route publisized in John Baldwins book.

Seen previously on Foons blog, Pianostrings is a more highly recommended route following this line. Mellow open alpine terrain, rather than steep n gnar. The improved route is quite beautiful.

Rowlesy, Happy Birthday bro!

The line in Red shows the original Pianostrings start. The line in blue is Rowlesy’s helidrop. Just take out the descent off the first peak, and join the lines, for Pianostrings the “right” way.