This was one of the first peaks we skied with ¬†assistance from a snowmobile. Spring 95 I think. The sledder highway up Brandywine goes right by this so it was easy to access even on our 280cc Tundra’s.

Shaun "Puddles the Clown" Hughes approaching the North Face of Mt. Fee

North Face of Mt. Fee

Back in the day,if we found a face that was particularly rowdy, steep or remote we would call it a “Gretzky”. If you could be 99.99% sure it hadn’t been skied it was a “Gretzky”. Mt. Fee was a sweet line but it wasn’t a Gretzky, it wasn’t super rad or hard to get to. More of an Esposito (77.77%).

Donnie Butler on the North face of Mt. Fee

Donnie Butler skiing the North face of Mt. Fee