If your a shredder and it’s not totally epic where you are, then get to B.C.’s Coast cause it’s goin off!

For the first two weeks of March B.C.’s Coast Mountains were in a perfect Tyfoon cycle as the systems spit off the big swirl in the northern Gulf of Alaska, tracked across the Russian arctic, then slammed into B.C.’s coast on a western jet-stream.

Ozzy Howell looking into Supertubos; left hand

This of course meant TONS of snow.

Ozzy shredding Supertubos; right hand.

It just kept snowing and it just kept getting deeper and deeper.

Lisa Foon rippin Supertubos Trees.

This of course meant lots of tree skiing as the Avy cycle was a little haywire with all the new loading. One seven day cycle dropped 207 cm’s.

Lisa Foon day off from the heli, earning her turns.

Then the skies broke open, the wind abated, it cooled down and turned on.

Calvin Vail lovin life.

J Foon was lucky enough to hook up with Calvin Vail and Tod Kemp on a rare Saturday off to hit the Face Mountain zone near the Hurly Pass.

Face Mountains North Face

Locomotive peak

Gaining access from the Hurly Pass through Semaphore lakes, we had an all time day shredding the North couloir on Locomotive.

Calvin and Tod dropping a bomb into Locomotives North Couloir.

Calvin Vail dropping into the North Couloir of Locomotive

Calvin shredding

About an hour tour from Locomotive to the Summit of Face.

Foonskis groovin on the Summit of Face Mountain

This is the third time I’ve skied the beautiful North face of face. It has been a memorable descent every time but never quite like this day. True waist deep on 55 degree spines just doesn’t happen often.

Steep and DEEP!

Then out of no where the gods shined on Ozzy and I (thanks to Wendy doing drop off and pick up @ skischool). We were both working at home around 10am when the light went off. We dropped the tools got our crap and hit the road for an afternoon session on the Duffy. Supertubos in the sunshine! We both agreed this was a prime example of why we live in Pemberton.

The Trail to Supertubos

Johnny Foon Supertubos Left

During this cycle some of the lines the tribe tee’d off on included The Pencil on Currie, Northwest on Matier, Central Couloir on Joffre, North Face of Sungod, Million Dollar Couloir on Cayoosh, Hope Creek Spines, North Face of Mt. Howard, Billygoat Spines, The Rhodo, and these are just the ones I’ve heard about.

The cycle is now over, but I heard Snowboarder Joe hit the reset button. Looks like there’s about 70-80cm’s on the way.

I’m gonna take a day off, rest, have a beer or three, and raise my glass to living in the best place in the world.

Best place in the world!