It’s been a busy summer here at Foonskis. First we moved the shop out of the basement and into a good space in the Pemberton Industrial park. Then we acquired a Sandwich press and a CNC machine.

The New Press

The heated press allows us to press a pair of skis in about 1 1/2 hrs. Previously our skis were made in a vacuum press and this process took about 30hrs. per ski.

Traditional belief is that sandwich construction produces the strongest, most responsive skis. This theory is debatable so the vacuum tables will remain in the pressing room, but for now our efforts will be concentrated  on the sandwich ski.

Foonskis CNC

While all our skis are still Handmade the CNC machine gives us absolute precision on all our initial shape cuts. It is also in a sense our first employee as it can be programmed to route out cores, freeing me up to take on other tasks.


I have always been intrigued by the beautiful wood of the Yellow Cedar Tree. The more I investigated the properties of this wood the more it seemed that it would make a great ski. The wood is very dense and tight grained with exceptionally strong long fibres. It’s strength to weight ratio is among the highest of any wood in the world. All of this combined with the fact that these trees only grow from Northern Washington to Alaska, on the slopes of the Coast Range, making it a true mountain wood. The range where the Yellow Cedar grows is the same area that hosts some of the best shredding on the globe. It’s like there’s some sort     of crazy symbiosis going on. This wood is meant to be    shredded on.

Last year we produced three pairs of Yellow Cedar boards and everyone who shredded on them agreed that they where the best skis they had ever been on. We have always believed very strongly in the sizing and shaping of the “Tyfoon”, as the one ski to rule all. This year it will be a sandwich ski with Yellow Cedar core and is available with a Yellow Cedar top sheet.

Mt. Tremor & the Yellow Cedar Tyfoon

Or a Red Cedar top sheet

Red Cedar Tyfoon

The Tyfoon is available in three lengths:  186 (145-112-128), 177 (143-112-127), 168 (140-110-124)

Tyfoon’s can be customized for your riding with a choice of soft, medium, or stiff flex. A carbon/kevlar model for an ultralight backcountry ride is available and twin tips can be custom ordered on request.

Summit of the Sungod

Foonskis. Not just the best choice for the environment or the local economy. But because we are driven to produce the best skis in the world. Period.

Foonskis factory up and running