Left to right: Johnny, 185 Haida Gwaii Yellow Cedar, Jia, 175 Blackcomb Mountain Douglas Fir,Lisa, 175 Tyfoon "Superlight"

As they can here on the coast, conditions have gotten very good very quickly. The snowpack has tightened up considerably and some great shredding materialized at The Pemberton Valley Ski Club up on Miller Ridge. The deep instabilities still haunt, but they are mostly bridged now. Potential still exists for a big, gnarly event, but The Miller is perfect for that. A chance to get into the alpine without dealing with big terrain

Fastest Tandem laps this side of Timbuktu

Day 1 TS2 members Jia Condon, Johnny Foon, Ozzy Howel and Lisa Foon hit the front side alpine for the ridiculous, fun, quick hits, till the knees hurt.

Fun, controllable Alpine

Not super deep, but super sheddable

Day 2 we lost Lisa to the Helicopter. Ozzy, Jia and Johnny found enough left in the legs to brave the road again, for a lap on Joe’s Trees and The Sugar Shoots.

Someone asked me, “doesn’t it piss you off that you guys found this place ( Jim Franken and I were probably the first to sled ski in here ) and now it gets so hammered you can’t get in here without that awful gruel up the road”? The answer is NO. It’s awesome people are using this great zone and skiing here. It’s so close to Pemberton. Ya the road gets beat up but whatever, it’s half an hour and your pretty much always gonna get good skiing. Miller rocks! Go there! Have a good time!

The road does SUCK

Touring day 2

While Jia, ozzy and I toured to the Sugar shoots “snowboarder Joe” and Delany skied the bigger AK wall and said conditions were great. Looks like the game is back on!

Foonskis at home in their natural environment.

"Suger Shoots" cause their so sweeeeet.

AK Wall