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We were featured in this Magazine! Thanks to the talented Lisa Richardson for her lovely words:

Johnny “Foon” Chilton reckons he’s owned 70 pairs of skis since he first slid on snow as a two-year old,  but it wasn’t until the gravy train of an 11 year ski sponsorship stopped rolling in that he turned his mind to what he really wanted beneath his feet and designed it. “No one was making the perfect ski for what we do out here,” Chilton says from behind the presses of his Coast Mountains workshop.

Enter: the Tyfoon. Big-mountain powder boards, hand-shaped with a heart of locally sourced Douglas fir, these custom-crafted skis aren’t just the self-indulgence of an old ski-bum huffing saw-dust down in the basement. Made in Pemberton, British Columbia, and designed to surf the Coast’s big alpine spines and raging winter storm fronts, the Tyfoon is part of an artisan ski-making renaissance fuelled by internet step-by-step instruction videos, surfing culture and a locavorian desire to reclaim skiing from the production lines of Chinese factories.

After decades of chasing peaks around the world, Chilton has come full-circle. He loves the idea that when skiers put on his creations they are in fact bringing the wood back into the forest, imbuing that wood with a different energy. “Perhaps,” Chilton says hopefully, “it lets the forest see us in a different light than when we go in with chainsaws.”