The Fall/Winter 2010 Issue of Mountain Life Magazine features an article on FOON SKIS!

After 46 years on the boards local ski mountaineer Johny “Foon” Chilton is stepping it up once again. Calling upon woodworking skills from a past career in cabinetmaking and ten years of product knowledge and design as a sponsored pro freeskier, Foon recently holed up in his Mount Currie workshop and crafted his own handmade Tyfoon skis.

“I wanted the ultimate ski for the Coast Mountains,” says Chilton, who along with wife Lisa Korthals starred in John Zaritsky’s 2001 cult-film Ski Bums. “Perfectly good skis for the mountains here can be made with the wood and hands of local artisans. Those skis will be full of soul and energy you will never get from a ski churned out of a factory in Europe or China.”

Tyfoons – a blend of Ty, Chilton’s son’s name, and Foon, his nickname earned for pranks, jokes and buffoonery – are custom big mountain boards made of Douglas fir and western red cedar harvested from nearby forests. Designed, shaped and crafted by the hand and heart of Foon himself, these artisan skis offer more than just a smooth ride in the pow.

“There is a feel-good association to tree skiing on wooden skis from a local forest,” Johnny says. “In a sense, the trees are alive again and back homeĀ  sharing some of the energy they have for the forest and teh mountains with us.”

Chilton, a long time Whistler/Blackcomb groomer, hopes to sell up a storem with the Tyfoons, so he can stop driving a snowcat and keep building skis.

-Todd Lawson

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If you flip through the pages you’ll also notice Johnny mentioned in “Tantalus Range – The Seat of the Gods” written by JD Hare

“…in 1999 Eric Pehota nad Johnny ‘Foon’ Chilton took the ultimate prize, the East face of Mount Tantalus itself.”