Foon Skis: FAQs

Are Foon Skis only for expert skiers that want to slay insane lines?

Absolutely not, because we can customize the ski’s flex for you any level of skier can enjoy skiing on a pair of  Foon Skis. Foon Skis believes skiing can be made easier for everyone. That’s the whole point. Whether you’re an expert Big Mountain shredder that has been ripping impressive lines for decades, someone who wants to progress from the green slopes to more difficult and inspiring terrain, or a youngster that’s just figuring the game out. If it’s easier to ski, you will ski better and have more fun.

Can I customize the graphics on the skis?

Foon Skis focuses on flex and performance characteristics of the ski rather than the graphics. There are some small custom additions to the graphics we can do when custom skis are being crafted. Fill out the Go Custom Form and we can discuss the options or give us a call.

Why do I want a custom ski?

Like a surfboard, the most important aspect of a ski is shape and a Custom Flex, fine tunes a well designed shape, to match the way you ride. Flex is the big equalizing factor. In general, bigger, heavier and more aggressive skiers like a stiffer flex, while, smaller and lighter riders prefer a softer flex. more…

Can I buy them in any stores?

Foon Skis are sold at Mountain Equipment Co-op, Comor Sports, White Room and Spicy Sports. more…
Custom Carbon models are only available direct from Foon Skis.

How long will it take for my skis to be made?

Our goals is to have your custom skis shipped and delivered to you within two weeks of you placing your order.

I want to know more about how the skis are made?

All Foon Skis start with two solid pieces of Yellow Cedar. Once milled, the solid board is split in two, creating a pair of identical cores that can be shaped to optimize the natural characteristics of the wood. This allows us to make a perfectly matched pair of skis, unblemished by cuts or glue, and creates a natural feel that is transmitted to the ski. If you want to know more give us a call and we take you through the process.

Why is Yellow Cedar such great wood for making skis?

Yellow Cedar only grows on the slopes of the Coast Mountain Range from Northern Washington State to Alaska. This sub-alpine environment creates a wood that is as strong as traditional hardwoods, but much lighter.

What are Foon Skis beliefs around sustainability and the environment?

Foon Skis feels it’s important to make conscious and mindful decisions about how we use our planet’s limited resources. The materials that go into crafting each pair of Foon Skis come from as close to home as we can get it. The wood from every pair of Foon Skis is locally harvested Yellow Cedar sourced from the Sea to Sky area through sustainable logging practices. We make sure ALL our suppliers manufacture in North America. ALL excess materials from the edges and bases are recycled and the wood off cuts from each pair of Foon Skis are even used to heat Johnny’s house through the Winter.

How can I demo a pair of Foon Skis?

Contact us directly, visit Spicy Sports in Whistler or for the ultimate test ride check out the Coast Range Heli-Skiing rental fleet of Foon Skis.