Driving home a few weeks ago, after another great session in the Duffy zone, this big long beautiful spine was lit up in the last pink alpenglow of an alpine sunset. I had never given Chief Pascal much attention, distracted by the bigger peaks and skiing enchainments available in the Zone. But on that day this elegant line jump out and hit me like a blow from the velvet hammer.

“Holly crap look at THAT thing”!

The long elegant spine splitting Chief Pascals North Face

The crazy convective weather of this April kept me from getting another good look at Chief Pascals North Face until Percy Abraham Joined the Tuesday shred society and we committed to go try to ski this thing.

Touring up the West ridge. Pascals North rib is essentially the background skyline

We parked on the Highway just before the first avalanche gully’s off Mt. Rohr and made our way up to the West ridge. Very straight forward open terrain

As it steepens the ridge offers continuously interesting climbing in a spectacular setting.

Percy GQin it up

The upper ridge had some tricky steps but never to tech, just fun classic ridge climbing.

Once again the “Duffy Factor” pulled through and we got to shred the line in sunshine after being in a bit of a storm the whole time we were on the summit.

The shred too proved to be classic as the thin rocky bits we were worried about just weren’t that steep so there was no pucker factor. The spine is shreddable from side to side so the slough management is easy. The line just flows and goes right down into the trees. 3,000 vertical feet (920m) . 6 hrs. highway to highway. CLASSIC.