1st D, West Face of New Zealands Mt. Aspiring

As The Northern Hemisphere shred season approaches, the door is closing on the Southern hemispheres time. The tragedies down south this year brought back memories of some of my time on the planets south side. The losses of J.P Auclair and Andreas Franson will cut deep to the core of the global shred community.

As the […]

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The West face of Mt. Deborah, and the end of an Era.

While many in the shredding community are well into biking season by now, those deeply involved in the Ski Mountaineering game are likely still immersed in their passion for snow. In the big ranges of Northern BC, Alaska and the Yukon the Big Wall Skiing season doesn’t really even start until May. There is an […]

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Introducing the Philosophy of One School

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The One School philosophy is the joining of Old School and NEw School. Recognizing and committing to pushing the limits of riding through technique and technology and constantly striving to be better. But also recognizing that all that has come before is not irrelevant. Combining where […]

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The Legend of Tantalus Part-4

April 1,1999, Eric Pehota and I felt that the latest wave of late season storms pounding into the Tantalus range from the pacific may have left the East Face of Tantalus in rideable condition. Bruce Rowles joined us to document the adventure on celluloid (ya we still used film back then).

While the line was not […]

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The legend of Tantalus Part-3

Trevors death was devastating to the Whistler shred community. We were crushed, and we didn’t know how to deal with it. Until now death had been this evil thing that lurked around in the mountains, making you stay aware and not make mistakes. It was that vixen you danced with and courted but would never […]

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