Andrew “Aussie” Howell and J Foon did this great tour on Mt. Caspar. Like so many of the uplifts on the Duffy Lake Highway, the Mt. Caspar devide between Van Horlick, and Caspar creeks,  runs East, West, meaning the faces and skiable lines run North, South. The entire North side of this devide offers outstanding skiing. We left a sled at the start of the Caspar road,  tandemed caspar creek and toured up a southern rib of Mt. Caspar to gain the devide.

Foonski prototypes, super light plastic top sheets in "Cloudcover white" and "Foonshine Green"

Big Beautiful Mt. Matier

Unfortunately Aussie’s binding broke on top of the ridge so we had to bail off the south side back to the sled and were unable to complete the tour and ski the cherry nectar that was laid out before us. Oh well at least it wasn’t one of us that was broken. Just before the binding bit it a sun dog appeared and followed us around the rest of the day. We could hear our old buddies Shreddie, Jack and Beaker giggling.

This is the one that got away. The North Face of Mt. Caspar. Maybe next time!