From the big parking area at Cayoosh pass on the Duffy Lake highway we followed the logging rd. in to the basin that holds the “Birds nest cabin”. From here there is usually a ski track leading into the alpine terrain east of Cayoosh Mnt. The access hear to the alpine is great and the face looked good, freshly rimed up from the latest round of coastal storms.

Lon Martin in Cayoosh East basin under "The Ottoman"

Lisa K touring up through the basin under Cayoosh's East Face

There was lots of evidence of avalanche activity during the storm cycle with some huge debris piles filling up the basin up to 40 ft.

Jon Johnson East Face of Cayoosh. That rope you see behind Jon is his skis. He carries them this way instead of on his back. Looks kinda weird but could be quite innovative.

The slide activity had taken place during warm temps two days previous and the snow pack had tightened considerably with cooler temps, but the big debris piles already had us spooked so when there was a big settlement low on the face the team decided to bail, hoping to return and try this pretty face another day.